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Drug Addiction Counselling Center

A drug addiction counselling centre offers the necessary treatment along with assistance to help people reclaim their lives from habit. Turning Point Foundation offers personalized counselling, and people gain insights into motivations and coping strategies, enabling self-awareness and resilience


"Our counselling center is dedicated to leading you towards a life free from habit, offering the aid to triumph over challenges."

By addressing underlying problems, the TPF center empowers healing, cultivating a healthier, substance-free path toward a brighter future

How to Find Drug Addiction Symptoms?

Drug addiction can be embodied through various symptoms. It includes compulsive drug use, withdrawal symptoms, and deteriorating relationships. Drug addiction, also known as substance use disorder, is a complex condition indicated by the compulsive use of drugs despite adverse effects. It often leads to physical, psychological, and social harm, making professional intervention crucial

  • An intense desire or urge to use the drug, often leading to preoccupation with obtaining and using it

  • Difficulty controlling drug use leads to operating more significant amounts of the drug for vast periods than planned

  • We need to raise amounts of the drug to achieve the desired effect or to experience reduced impacts with the same amount

  • The physical and psychological symptoms say that often, drug use is reduced or stopped, leading to continued drug use to avoid these symptoms.

  • Due to drug use, they fail to meet work, school, or home responsibilities

  • Due to drug use, they are giving up or reducing participation in social, occupational, or recreational activities

  • It is using the drug despite being conscious of its negative physical, psychological, or social consequences

Why is Drug Addiction Counselling Treatment Important?

Drug addiction counselling treatment is crucial as it addresses the complex physical, psychological, and social aspects of addiction

We give individuals the tools to overcome dependency, make healthier options, and rebuild their lives. The form of treatment enables individuals to understand the root causes of their addiction, develop coping strategies, and create a support network, aiding them in maintaining sobriety over the long term

Turning Point Foundation Process

The process of drug addiction counselling typically involves several key steps

  • We gather initial information about the client's concerns and background

  • Then, we evaluate the client's emotional, psychological, and behavioural state

  • We collaborate to establish therapeutic objectives and outcomes.

  • Slowly, we build a trusting and empathetic relationship between counsellor and client

  • We develop strategies and techniques tailored to the client's needs

  • Conduct regular one-on-one or group sessions to address issues

  • We start to teach coping skills, communication methods, and emotional regulation

  • We track client's improvements towards their goals

  • We adjust approaches based on client feedback and evolving circumstances.

  • Then, they gradually conclude sessions and confirm a plan for continued well-being

What are the Benefits of Getting Drug Addiction Treatment in a Counselling Center?

Personalized Practice

  • TPF Centre tailors’ treatment schedules to their unique needs, addressing the root causes of addiction and promoting holistic recovery

Expert Guidance

  • Our professional counsellors specialize in obsession therapy, offering proficient insights and evidence-based methods to guide recovery

Safe Atmosphere

  • Our supportive environment boosts open discussions, helping them to share their struggles and successes with a non-judgmental community

Life Skills Development

  • Through therapy sessions, they will gain essential life skills, enhancing their strength and enabling them to cope with their motivations for a healthier life

Relapse Prevention

  • We equip them with strategies to identify and handle triggers, empowering them to sustain their recovery journey long after treatment ends

Why Choose Turning Point Foundation?

Drug addiction counselling centers for therapy provide several stimulating advantages

Turning Point Foundation centers are staffed by experienced professionals specializing in addiction psychology, ensuring personalized and evidence-based care. We provide a safe and supportive atmosphere where people can openly address the underlying reasons for their addiction, receive tailored therapy sessions, and discover vital coping tools

Our centers often offer comprehensive rehabilitation programs in the counselling time that combine individual and group counselling, equipping patients with the tools they need to overcome addiction's challenges and foster lasting recovery

Turning Point Foundation Drug Addiction Counselling Centre in Chennai, individuals invest in holistic treatment that handles their physical, emotional, and psychological well-being, boosting their chances of achieving a successful and sustainable recovery journey

Empowering Recovery, Restoring Lives

  • Personalized counselling strategies that target each client's requirements and triggers

  • Qualified professionals include seasoned therapists with expertise in addiction psychology.

  • Holistic support includes measures to promote one's physical, emotional, and mental health

  • Group therapy support and shared experiences in a safe setting

  • Involving loved ones to promote comprehension and healing

  • Relapse prevention involves teaching people how to cope with difficulties.

  • Programs providing post-treatment transitional support for ongoing recovery

  • Support for dual diagnoses addressing both addiction and underlying mental health problems

  • Providing a secure environment for free speech and developing trust.

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