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Reclaim Your Life with the Turning Point Foundation

We offer therapy for a variety of mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety, and addiction of many kinds. The treatment of an individual is carried out in our center under strict confidentiality laws, protecting the patient's privacy.De-addiction center offers a structured and supportive environment for individuals struggling with addiction. They provide expert medical and psychological care, helping patients safely detox and manage withdrawal symptoms. These centers employ specialized therapies and counselling, addressing the root causes of addiction and teaching vital coping skills


Peer help promotes a sense of society and understanding. With a focus on relapse prevention, de-addiction center equips individuals with tools for sustainable recovery. Their multidisciplinary approach enhances physical, mental, and emotional well-being, increasing the likelihood of long-term abstinence and improved overall quality of life.

Our Treatment


Alcohol De-Addiction Treatment

Turning Point Foundation center offer specialized drugs and counselling treatment with multiple techniques and tools. It helps people overcome their addiction. Our structured therapy patterns provide the best medicines with expert hands. We examine the addicted people and help them to overcome the addiction


Drug De-Addiction Treatment

Drug addiction treatment entrusts individuals to break free from addiction's grip, presenting counselling, therapy, and medical help to restore their physical and mental well-being, allowing them to have a fulfilling life.


Smoking De-Addiction

Smoking de-addiction treatments use medications, counselling, and remedies to help people overcome nicotine addiction, promote better lives, and alleviate withdrawal symptoms for long-term recovery


Mental Health Counselling

Mental health counselling discourses underlying problems teach coping skills. We provide complete support to individuals to overcome addiction by encouraging self-awareness, emotional regulation, and healthier coping mechanisms


Alcohol Addiction Counselling

Alcohol addiction counselling empowers people with coping strategies, support, and wisdom to overcome their addiction, fostering recovery, healthier behaviours, and improved overall well-being.


Drug Addiction Counselling

Drug addiction counselling provides clients with vital support, guidance, and coping methods to help them overcome addiction, manage triggers, and achieve long-term recovery.


Alcohol Rehabilitation Center

TPF Alcohol rehabilitation center offers specialized drug counselling. Our tools will help people overcome their addiction via structured therapy. Our secure environment may be helpful to those who are struggling with alcoholism


Drug Rehabilitation Center

We help people overcome addiction and heal via counselling, skill-building, and detoxification. The TPF drug rehabilitation center treatment offer a more nutritious life and help with structured support, counselling, and medical treatment.

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